m7 heavy duty

Designed for manual storage of large or heavy items, this is the optimum solution for different product types with split rotation.

m3 light duty

A versatile, attractive light duty shelving system, this is the perfect choice for archive storage and office shelving for files, books, boxes and more.

metal point

Inexpensive and versatile boltless shelving system that is easy to assemble.


Movibloc doubles storage capacity, providing the ideal solution for safe, orderly storage of books and documents.



Adjustable pallet racking is the classic versatile storage system for palletised goods. Get excellent stock control with direct access to every pallet.


Make maximum use of available space by eliminating work aisles between racks.


High density mobile racking system for optimum space usage. Ideal for frozen or cold storage warehouses.

other Storage systems

mezzanine floors

Double or triple the surface area of warehouses in a simple and cost-effective way. Quick and easy to assemble.


Multifunctional, compact and sleek lockers with a modular system allowing many combinations. Easy to assemble, no need for screws.


Quick and easy to assemble, extend and modify. Designed to comply with European occupational safety regulations.

pallet trucks

Hand Pallet Trucks and Scale trucks


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